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Tech Tip: New select mode control for an output form (List form) in 4D 2004
Published On: February 2, 2005

Starting in 4D 2004, the command DISPLAY SELECTION and MODIFY SELECTION have been modified to allow a better control of the select mode.

Here is the command syntax:

  DISPLAY SELECTION ({table}{; selectMode}{; enterList}{; *}{; *})

  MODIFY SELECTION ({table}{; selectMode}{; enterList}{; *}{; *})

The 2nd parameter has been added to allow you to control the select mode. You can pass one of the constants of the "Form Options" theme in this parameter:

• if you pass No Selection (0), it will not be possible to select a record in the list.

• if you pass Single Selection (1), only one record can be selected at a time.

• if you pass Multiple Selection (2), the user can select several records at once. To select adjacent records, click on the first record to be selected, then press the Shift key before clicking on the last record you want to include in the selection. To select non-adjacent records, click on each record separately while holding down the Ctrl (under Windows) or Command (under MacOS) key.