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Tech Tip: Retrieving the path to the database folder created on each 4D Client machine
PRODUCT: 4D | VERSION: 2004.1 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: February 24, 2005

Version 2003, 2004.1

The 4D Client Database Folder is placed at the following location on each client machine:

• On Windows: {Disk}:\Documents and Settings\Current user\Application Data\4D\DatabaseName_Address

... where Current user is the name of the user that opened the current Windows session.

• On MacOS: {Disk}:Library:Application Support:4D:DatabaseName_Address:

To obtain the path to the database folder from 4D Client, you need to call the command Get 4D folder with the parameter of 4D Client Database Folder

For example: $path_t:=Get 4D folder(4D Client Database Folder)