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Tech Tip: Getting 3 clicks for one
Published On: March 15, 2005
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Compatible with 4D 2004.x

The new 3D buttons provide the developer with a variety of implementation options. One such option takes advantage of the new Form Events. Using only one 3D button, a developer can capture 3 separate form events providing the user with a unique experience. Of the new 3D buttons, 5 allow for an integrated pop-up menu that can be activated from the Form Editor (Figure 1).

3D Buttons

Select the Separated option and enable three form events: On Clicked, On Long Click and On Arrow Click. On Clicked will activate on the area left of the arrow. On Long Click will activate when you click and hold for 2 seconds. On Arrow Click will activate when you select the separated arrow. Using these options, a developer can provide much more control and functionality in just one button.