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Tech Tip: Printing objects with variable size
Published On: April 15, 2005

When you are printing records with objects that can have a variable size (Print variable check box selected or subforms), you need to be sure that the following basics have been checked:

1. Objects must have more than one line height. For example, if a text variable must be printed, the variable must have a height of two lines.
2. The entry order must go from the top to the bottom since 4D prints objects following the entry order. For example, if you have an input form and insert a subform within this form, as it, the subform would be the last object in the entry order since it's the last object added in the form. You would need to redefine the entry order. This is also true if you are moving your objects within your form.
3. Avoid adding objects next to these objects. When printing these variable size objects, other objects next to that object may be printed many times or partially printed many times. Therefore, you cannot print two variable size objects next each other.