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Tech Tip: Using the Form editor's magnetic grid
Published On: September 15, 2006

In 4th Dimension 2004, the magnetic object alignment function has been updated from magnetic alignment based on the grid. The magnetic object alignment is now based on the relative position between objects. At least two objects must be present in the form to use the magnetic grid feature. It is no longer possible to display a grid in the Form editor.

The following explains how the magnetic grid works. When an object is dragged and dropped in the form, 4th Dimension shows possible locations for the object based on alignments of other form objects. 4th Dimension displays a red line indicating alignment on upper edges, center alignment, and alignment on lower edges. The magnetic grid is also used for manually resizing objects.

The magnetic grid can be enabled or disabled using the Turn Magnetic Grid On command in the Form menu or in the editor contextual menu.

It is possible to activate or deactivate this feature by default on the Form Editor page of the application Preferences ("Design Mode" theme).

When dragging an object, hold the Ctrl (Windows) or Control (MacOS) to temporarily activate or deactivate the magnetic grid.