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Tech Tip: How to register 4D Server as a service so that it runs when the machine starts
PRODUCT: 4D | VERSION: 2004.1 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: May 27, 2005

Some administrators want 4D Server to run as an operating system service so that if the server machine is restarted, 4D Server runs without the machine being logged into a user.

To accomplish this on supported operating systems, simply launch the database in 4D Server and select the Menu Item "Register current database as a service" from the File Menu. Once you have done this, 4D Server will startup with the database you registered, before you login to a system user, the next time the machine is restarted.

If you don't see 4D Server startup on a system restart after registering it, refer to your system documentation about where to find system services settings. In such a case there is probably a setting to enable or disable the service.

You may only register one database per instance of 4D Server application on your machine. If you run two copies of the 4D Server application on the same machine, be sure you set their publishing ports to different values. No errors are reported if 4D Server cannot publish to a port when run as a service.

You can also unregister the service from the 4D Server File Menu. The Menu Item is labeled "Unregister current database." You cannot use this option if you are accessing 4D Server as a service. Just shutdown the 4D Server service, then run the 4D Server application with the specified database normally to have access to that option.