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Tech Tip: Backup and Restore with 4D 2004
Published On: September 3, 2005

Backups can be started manually or automatically at regular intervals without any user intervention. Databases can be restored automatically when a damaged database is opened. The backup module allows you to start a complete backup of database files at any time (structure file, data file, log file, attached files, etc.), automatically restore a database and its attached files in case of incident, and automatically integrate missing operations stored in the log file into a restored database.

Restoring the database automatically is possible through the Restore section. In the 4D Preferences page, select the Backup topic. Within the Restore section, change the settings to have 4D restore the last backup if the database is damaged, integrate last log if database is incomplete, and start the database after an automatic restore.

When you restore a backup file manually, one or more .4BK files are needed to perform a restore. If segments are used, you will need the .4BK files containing all the segments. Otherwise only one backup file is needed. To perform a backup manually, click on the Restore Database button on the Welcome dialog box when you launch 4D 2004. The database restored from the .4BK file(s) doesn't have a log file. A new log will be created after the restore (if you have specified a log file in Preferences). For a complete manual restore, you will also need the backup log file with a .4BL extension associated with your backup file. Restore the backup log file through the Welcome dialog box.