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Tech Tip: Building a 4D 2004 Merged Application with plug-ins
PRODUCT: 4D Runtime | VERSION: 2004.1 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: June 14, 2005

If you build a merged application with plug-ins, be sure that you have the following:

  • Developer Edition 2004 License for your machine
  • Runtime Volume License (Pro-Sponsored)
  • Valid Runtime license for each plug-in that corresponds to the Runtime License, meaning if the Runtime License is Sponsored, the plug-in Runtime license should be Sponsored

If you are building a merged application and you see warnings that your plug-ins are not licensed, but you think they should be, take the following steps to verify all plugin licensing requirements:

1) Check the Update License window, reached from the "Design Mode" Menu "Help," and verify that you have 4D Developer Edition 2004 , 4D Runtime VL (Pro-Sponsored) 2004, and 4D <plugin>Runtime VL (Pro-Sponsored) listed. If you do not have all of those listed, please activate them from the "Online Activation" section in the same Update License window. Both Runtime licenses should be tied to your 4D Developer Edition 2004 license.

2) Once you are sure the 4D Runtime license is installed, go to the Build Application window. Select the Licenses tab. Add to the licenses list at least the following licenses in this order: 4D Developer Edition 2004 <machine type>, 4D Runtime VL (Pro-Sponsored) 2004, and then (each) 4D <plugin> VL (Pro-Sponsored) 2004.

3) Check the "Plugins" tab. You should see "4D <plugin>" listed and checked there. Be sure it is checked before building your application. Also make sure you have selected the 4D Runtime Volume License package from your finder (or application folder on Windows), and be sure to check the option to build a "Stand-alone Application using 4D Runtime Volume License Pro or 4D Runtime Volume License Sponsored".

4) Then build your application and run it. The 4D <plugin> should be licensed and it should not warn you that it is in evaluation mode during startup.