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Tech Tip: Where are recently used servers saved for a client machine in 2004?
PRODUCT: 4D Client | VERSION: 2004.2 | PLATFORM: Mac OS X
Published On: July 15, 2005

This tech tip is an update from a previous techtip (30929) written for version 6.8 and 2003.x.

One of the helpful implementations for 4D client 2004 is the ability to save the path of servers. A list of recent servers can be seen under the recent tab when launching 4D client. This is quite helpful when dealing with many servers and cannot recall which server you worked on last. On the other hand, having too many servers on this list can be an annoyance due to the fact that there are some servers that will stay on this list even though they no longer exist. In order to manipulate this list, you will need to go to the following path:

Windows-c:\documents and settings\(your login)\Application Data\4D\Favorites 2004
Mac-MacHD:Users/(your login)/Library/Application/4D/Favorites 2004

To remove the server from the list, quit 4D client and simply remove the path key in the folder specified above. The next time 4D client is launched, the recent tab should not contain the server that you just removed from the folder.