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Tech Tip: Changing the About 4th Dimension menu command
PRODUCT: 4D | VERSION: 2004.2 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: July 22, 2005

You can change the About 4th Dimension menu command to any text using the command SET ABOUT. This command allows you to modify the said menu command in the Help (Windows) or Application (Mac OS X) menu to any text and allows you to associate a method to it to customize your about dialog. For instance:

SET ABOUT(“About MyDatabase”;”MyAboutDialog”)

will change the about 4D menu command and assign the method MyAboutDialog to display the customized dialog. To reset the menu back to the original About box, just pass a blank method in the second parameter of the SET ABOUT command just like below.

SET ABOUT(“About 4th Dimension”;””)