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Tech Tip: Temporary Folder Location
Published On: August 6, 2005

4th Dimension allows you to select the location on your disk where you want to store the temporary files that are created while the database is running. 4th Dimension mainly uses temporary files for transactions and named selections.

Temporary files are managed automatically, by default.
- On Windows, 4th Dimension places temporary files at the root level of the C drive,
- Under Mac OS, 4th Dimension places temporary files on the local drive with the most available free space, not taking into account any remote drives that may be mounted.

To change the location of the temporary folder, open the Preferences and select the Options section from the Applications topic. Next, check the User Defined option then click on the [...] button. A standard Open file dialog box appears, allowing you to select the location where you want to place the temporary folder. This pathname is stored in the 4th Dimension Preferences file.

Note: If the pathname is incorrect, the Automatic mode is reactivated (without the option being modified in the Preferences dialog box). It is the database developer's responsibility to make sure that the pathname (names of the volumes or folders) is not modified.