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Tech Tip: Making email addresses of recipients confidential when sending to a group
PRODUCT: 4D Internet Commands | VERSION: 2004.2 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: August 26, 2005

The SMTP_Bcc command allows you to not display your recipients email addresses when sending to a group. You simply add email addresses into the blind carbon copy address list parameter of the said command. The “Bcc” recipients will be able to see all “To” and “Cc” recipients but would not see other “Bcc” recipients. Below is an example on how to use this command. The email addresses in the Bcc Address list will not show in the message received.

`Method: Bcc_example


$vError:=SMTP_New ($vSmtp_id)
$vError:=SMTP_Host ($vSmtp_id;"")
$vError:=SMTP_From ($vSmtp_id;"test123@")
$vError:=SMTP_Subject ($vSmtp_id;"TEST Bcc")
$iErr:=SMTP_Bcc ($vSmtp_id;BccAddress)
$vError:=SMTP_Body ($vSmtp_id;"This is a test from 4D. Please ignore this mail. ")
$vError:=SMTP_Auth ($vSmtp_id;"test123@";"test123";0)
$vError:=SMTP_Send ($vSmtp_id)
$vError:=SMTP_Clear ($vSmtp_id)