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Tech Tip: Generate error file
Published On: September 3, 2005

The Generate error file option is used to generate an error file at the time of syntax checking. The error file lists general errors as well as errors linked to a specific line, and warnings. To turn on the Generate error file option: 1. While in Design mode, open Preferences 2. Select Design Mode from the panel 3. Select Compiler from the panel area 4. Check the Generate error file check box next to Code Generation 5. Click the OK button Any errors detected by the compiler are automatically accessible in the Method menu of 4th Dimension. However, in a situation where several different developers are working together, having an error file that can be transmitted from one machine to another can be useful. The error file is generated in XML format in order to facilitate automatic parsing of its contents. It also allows the creation of customized error display interfaces. The error file is automatically named DatabaseName.xml and is created with 4th Dimension, next to the structure file of the database. For more information about the error file, refer to Chapter 14 of the 4D 2004 Design Reference guide.