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Tech Tip: Where do I place the object library in a client-server setup?
Published On: September 9, 2005

4D 2004 now incorporates the use of user editable forms. This is very useful in a client server environment where clients are now given the opportunity to customize their forms. Although, clients are still limited in what can be placed on the forms. This limitation is set by the developer by simply supplying an object library that the client is able to use. Clients can only use objects that are placed in the object library.

In client server environment, how can I broadcast the object library for my clients to use?

Like plugins, object libraries (.4IL) need to be placed in a folder. The folder name is "extras" and should be placed at the same level as the database structure being served on the server machine. When 4D client connects to the server, the extras folder, like the plugins folder, gets copied into the active 4D folder of the client system. With the object library now on the client machine, the client can then proceed with making changes to the user editable forms.