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Tech Tip: How to import and export methods
Published On: September 30, 2005
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When working on a collaborative project (not with client / server), it may be helpful to have the changes or updates to methods that other engineers have made at your fingertips. Well, actually in your inbox...

When working on a database with a huge structure file and you modify a single method, send the method to another designer instead of transferring the entire database by ftp. The exported file can be emailed and imported into another database by another designer working with a copy of the database.

1. In Design mode, open Explorer
2. Select Methods from the panel
3. Double-click on an existing method to open the Method editor
4. From the Method menu, select Export Method…
5. Save the method as a text file (*.txt) or a 4D Method file (*.c4d).
6. In another database where you want to load your method
7. In Design mode, open Explorer
8. Select Methods from the panel
9. Create a new method
10. From the Method menu, select Import Method…
11. Load the file you exported