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Tech Note: Mirroring in version 2004
Published On: November 20, 2005

Please Note: The information and example code in this Technical Note has been updated and improved in a new Technical Note. Please refer to Technical Notes 06-36, "Mirroring with 4D 2004.4, Part I" and 06-37, "Mirroring with 4D 2004.4, Part II" for the latest implementation. The information in this Technical Note is still valid but the newer one contains a more flexible and robust implementation.

Mirroring used to be built into 4D Backup before 4D 2004. When 2004 was released, the backup operation was integrated into the 4D application. In the initial release of 4D 2004 mirroring was not implemented. 4D 2004.3 has introduced two new language commands that permit creating a mirroring backup system in your 4D 2004 server. This technical note will discuss these new commands and how to set up a mirroring system.

The purpose of this technical note is to introduce the new commands to enable you to implement a mirror. It is not an attempt to write the perfect solution for your mirroring needs. You will need to modify the code presented here to suit your own specific requirements.

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