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Tech Tip: Opening the form’s method while in the Form editor
Published On: January 2, 2006
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While in the Form editor, it is possible to open the form’s method using a keystroke combination, the menu bar, or the contextual menu. Any of these ways is quicker than leaving the Form editor and opening your current form’s method using Explorer.

1. Open a database in the Design environment.
2. Open a form in the Form editor.

To open the form’s method using the keystroke combination:
a. Ctrl + K (on Windows) or Command + K (on Mac OS)

To open the form’s method using the menu bar, select Form Method from the Form menu.

To open the form’s method using the contextual menu:
a. Show the contextual menu with a right click (on Windows) or Control + click (on Mac OS) in the form area but not on a form object.
b. Select Form method from the contextual menu.