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Tech Tip: 4D 2004: How to install Mac OS Help files
Published On: January 27, 2006

You can download the 4th Dimension and 4D Server Mac OS Help files from:

You can extract these help files anywhere on your Mac OS X computer and then view them by double-clicking the file named "4D Help". The help files will then be opened in the Mac OS X Help Viewer.

Additionally, you can install the matching Help files into their respective 4D product packages.

For example you can install the "4th Dimension MacOS Help File" into the 4th Dimension package at as follows:

1. Extract the help files to your hard drive. A folder will be created named "4th Dimension Help".
2. Copy (or move if you prefer) the "4th Dimension Help" folder into the 4th Dimension package at:


After copying the "4th Dimension Help" folder the path should look like:

4th Dimension Help

Using this technique, if the Help files are updated on the 4D Web site and you do not wish to re-install your 4D product, you can install the latest version of the documentation into your 4D product.