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Tech Tip: Restricting Plug-in Access in 4D 2004.
Published On: April 7, 2006

You can restrict users from accessing a plug-in by configuring Users and Groups. To do this you need to create a Group that has access to plug-in and remove access to that plug-in from other groups. In 4D 2004 these changes are made from the Tool box.

Note: You need to log in as the Designer or Administrator of the database to be able to access Users and Groups pages of the Tool box.

Here are the steps:

1. While in the 4D Design Environment, click on the Design menu and select "Tool box" | "User groups" to open up the Groups page of the Tool box.
2. Click the '+' icon to add a new group.
4. Change the name as needed (e.g. "My Plug-in Access Group").
5. Change the "Group Owner" if desired.
6. In the membership table, click the checkbox under "Member" for those users you wish to be a member of this group. These are the users who will have access to the plug-in.
7. In the plug-in access table click the checkbox under "Access" for those plug-ins to which you wish to restrict access.

The access to the plug-in(s) you selected is now restricted to the users of the group you just created. All other users will be restricted from using the specified plug-in(s).

Note that, if you already had multiple groups defined, you should be sure to disable the plug-in access from those other groups.

Commented by Timothy Penner on March 30, 2009 at 10:13 AM
This can also be accomplished programmatically via the SET PLUGIN ACCESS command; please see for more information.