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Tech Tip: Customizing the display conventions in the Method editor
Published On: March 24, 2006
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The Method editor uses default display conventions (style, color) for command names, plug-in commands, methods, etc. You can modify these conventions in the Preferences of the application. The font and font size can also be modified in the Preferences dialog box. The combination of different colors and styles for the method elements can prove to be extremely useful for code maintenance.

1. From Design mode, open Preferences
2. Select Design Mode from the list
3. Select Method Editor

To set the graphic attributes of a syntax element, select it in the pop-up menu then choose the desired style options. You can apply several different attributes to the same element.

To set a color, click on the selection area in order to make the color palette appear. You can set the attributes for several elements one after the other -- it is not necessary to click OK after each modification.