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Tech Tip: What can I do if 4D quits without an error message on Windows?
Published On: May 19, 2006

There may be times when 4D unexpectedly quits on a Windows machine but you do not get any sort of error message.

This problem may be caused by the configuration of "Dr Watson" on your machine. From Microsoft Help:

"Dr. Watson for Windows is a program error debugger.

The information obtained and logged by Dr. Watson is the information needed by technical support groups to diagnose a program error for a computer running Windows. A text file (Drwtsn32.log) is created whenever an error is detected, and can be delivered to support personnel by the method they prefer. You also have the option of creating a crash dump file, which is a binary file that a programmer can load into a debugger.

If a program error occurs, Dr. Watson will start automatically. To start Dr. Watson, click Start, click Run, and then type drwtsn32. To start Dr. Watson from a command prompt, change to the root directory, and then type drwtsn32."

If you are not seeing any error messages when 4D quits, check your Dr Watson configuration. By default on Windows XP Dr Watson is configured to NOT deliver error messages to the user. To change this setting, follow these steps:

  • From the Start menu select "Run..."

  • Type in "drwtsn32" and press Enter. This opens a window with the Dr Watson settings.

  • Under the "Options" section, check the box next to "Visual Notification".

  • You may also want to check the box next to "Sound Notification".

Note that you can also view individual entries from the Dr Watson crash log from the Dr Watson window. For more information on the various Dr Watson settings, click the "Help" button.