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Tech Tip: Brace matching in the Method editor
Published On: April 14, 2006
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The Method editor has a brace matching option in the Method menu that helps you balance braces, parentheses, quotes, and brackets. A check mark appears next to the selected option in the method menu.

1. Enter the Design environment
2. Open the Method editor
3. Select Method from the menu bar
4. Select either No Brace matching, Small Brace Matching, or Big Brace Matching from the menu

There are two types of brace matching, small brace matching and big brace matching.

Small brace matching affects only the opening and closing characters.

Big brace matching affects the entire expression enclosed by the opening and closing characters.

For example, when you type:

For ($i;1;Records in selection ([Table
and you press the closing bracket "]" to finish the table name expression, 4th Dimension will try to find the opening bracket.

When small brace matching is active, 4th Dimension will flash the opening bracket.

When big brace matching is active, 4th Dimension flashes the entire expression between the opening and closing bracket.