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Tech Tip: Editing a text object located behind other objects
Published On: April 21, 2006

The form editor of 4D 2004 features a "drill down" click feature that allows you to select objects that are hidden behind other objects. On the other hand the text tool does not allow you to drill-click.

For example, imagine a form with an invisible button on top of a text object. You want to click into the text object and change the text within the text object. You can easily click once on the overlaying button, then drill-click to drill down to select the text object. You might then I select the text tool to modify text. However, when in text tool mode, if you try to select the text within the text object you will only end up creating new text objects because of the overlaying hidden button. There are two ways to solve this problem:

-Drill down the to text object and press numpad/keypad ENTER.
-Use Object Views in the form editor to hide the overlaying objects. For more information about Views, see the 4th Dimension Design Reference, Chapter 5, "Using Object Views".