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Tech Tip: How to always display Runtime Explorer in the foreground
Published On: June 9, 2006

If you are the designer or administrator of the database, you are allowed to use the Runtime Explorer. The Runtime Explorer is used to check the parameters of the database in real time and to check whether available resources are used correctly. The Runtime Explorer is useful during development and analysis of a database.

However, because many applications use multiple windows it is easy for the Runtime Explorer to be lost in the background. This can be annoying because, in order to view the Runtime Explorer, you need to minimize or move all other windows just to find the Runtime Explorer window.

In order to avoid this situation 4th Dimension has key combinations that can be used to set the Runtime Explorer to stay in the foreground. Here are two ways to open the the Runtime Explorer and keep it in the foreground:

1. Hold down the shift key when selecting "Runtime Explorer..." from the Run menu.

2. Use Ctrl+Shift+F9 (Windows) or Command+Shift+F9(Mac OS) to open the Runtime Explorer.