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Tech Tip: How to automatically set unique variable names for form objects
Published On: June 16, 2006

4th Dimension provides a handy shortcut for automatically renaming a group of variables in a form by incrementing the number appended to the name. This shortcut can be used, for example, to reorganize the variables for the buttons of a form or to make sure that each form variable is unique. Keep in mind that this function only modifies the names of variables associated with objects, not the names of the objects themselves.

To automatically increment a set of variables:

1. In Design mode, open the form in the Form editor.
2. Select each object whose variable needs to be renumbered.
3. Under Windows, Ctrl+Alt+click on one of the objects
   Under Mac OS, Command+Option+click on one of the objects.
4. Set the start number and the increment to be applied.
5. Click on OK.

The variables of the selected objects are immediately renumbered using the parameters set. The numbers are added to the end of the current variable names. Renumbering is carried out from left to right and top to bottom.