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Tech Tip: Handling objects help tips with one method
Published On: June 23, 2006
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This tech tip shows how to dynamically update a help tip of an object with only one method and one help tip. This is very useful if there is a large number of 4D objects on the form.

First, create a help tip in the 4D tool box named ObjectHelpTip and give it a value of "<HelpTipText>". This will show the value of HelpTipText variable as the object help tip.

Second, select all objects that should show a help tip and assign the ObjectHelpTip help tip to the objects you selected. Insert the following method in every selected object to update help tip value dynamically:

Case of

     : (Form event=On Mouse Enter )

         ShowHelpTip (Self)
End case

Finally, create the method named ShowHelpTip that will dynamically assign the help tips. This method will require "tool_Getpointer" method found in tech tip 29679. Arrays HelpTipObjectName and HelpTipValue hold object name and help tip that should be displayed, respectively.

` Method: ShowHelpTip





     ` Get the name of the object

     $variableName:=(tool_Getpointer ($selectedObject))

          ` Find the object in the HelpTipObjectName array

     $arrayPos:=Find in array(HelpTipObjectName;$variableName)

          ` If object if found, assign help tip value to HelpTipValue variable

     If ($arrayPos#-1)



End if