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Tech Tip: Descriptive Errors returned by AP Add table and fields
PRODUCT: 4D Pack | VERSION: 2004.4 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: June 29, 2006

In previous versions of 4D , the command AP Add table and fields returned a generic error 0 when the command failed. The 2004.4 version of the 4D Pack command now includes new error codes which gives developers more information as to why the command failed. Below are the error codes that may be returned by the command and the descriptions of the errors:

-1 Invalid parameter (blank table name for example)
-2 A table with the same name already exists
-3 Incorrect array type (text array instead of integer array for example)
-4 Incorrect array size (the arrays are not of the same size for example)
-5 Incorrect field type (type does not exist for example)
-6 An error occurred when adding a field
-7 An error occurred when creating the table