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Tech Note: 4D Advanced Debugging Techniques – Part 2
Published On: August 18, 2006

The purpose of this 2-part Technical Note is twofold:

- To provide a reference for some of the advanced debugging features that areavailable in 4th Dimension (4D) 2004. This was covered in part 1.

- To provide an alternative technique for debugging, based on text file logging,for when the 4D features are not available or not ideal. This will be covered in part 2.

The basic concepts of debugging were presented in part 1, as well as how they areimplemented in 4D. Additionally some advanced 4D debugging techniques were highlighted.

Part 2 of this Technical Note presents a debugging technique based on text filelogging and includes a 4D component that can be used to facilitate text file logging in any database. Instructions for installing and using this component, as well as anexample database, are included.

Download Complete Tech Note and Example: Windows | Mac

Commented by Timothy Penner on April 9, 2009 at 1:54 PM
Part 1 can be found here: