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Tech Tip: Sharing 4D plug-ins (4D v6.5 and greater)
Published On: January 14, 2000

With 4D version 6.5 and greater, it is now possible to place a Win4DX or Mac4DX folder in the 4D subfolder of the system folder.

The plug-ins contained in this folder are then available in all your 4D databases (Versions 6.5 and greater). This new concept simplifies the installation and update of the plug-ins used in different databases. It functions with both 4th Dimension (stand-alone) and 4D Server. This new system remains perfectly compatible with the old system (e.g.Win4DX or Mac4DX placed on the same folder than the structure of the database).

You can thus install:

  • In the Win4DX or Mac4DX folder of the 4D subfolder the plug-ins that you wish to use in all your databases.

  • In the Win4DX or Mac4DX folder, placed at the same level as the database structure file, the plug-ins that you wish to use only with this one database.

Plug-ins placed at the same level as the database structure hve priority over those of 4D subfolder. This operation makes it possible to avoid any conflict related to the presence of any two same plug-ins found in both places. In this case, the plug-ins placed at the same level as the database structure are used.

This control applies only to 4D plug-ins (number of interns ID <15000). For plug-ins developed by third parties, it is not possible to detect duplicates. It is your responsibility to make sure that one plug-in is installed at only one place.

The contents of the Win4DX-Mac4DX folders placed in the 4D subfolder located on 4D Server are automatically downloaded to all of the 4D Client stations upon connection to any database served. On each 4D Client station, these plugins are stored in an 4D folder placed in the "database name", in 4D system subfolder.