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Tech Tip: Background picture in the structure window
Published On: February 4, 2000

Starting with 4D v6, you can now paste your own picture into the background of the Structure window. This can be a source of confusion for users unfamiliar with this feature. For example, if you intended to paste an icon picture onto a form or into the Picture Library, and instead the structure editor was the front-most window, the background of the Structure window then becomes tiled with rows and columns of the icon. This leads some users to mistakenly wonder if their database has become corrupted.

This structure background feature allows you to personalize your Structure window. If you want to get rid of a background structure picture in v6.5, you can click anywhere in the Structure window except on a table or on a relation line, then select Clear from the Edit menu. In 4D v6, you cannot get rid of a background picture, but you can paste in a different one, such as a solid gray rectangle.

On Macintosh, the structure window background picture is stored in the data fork of the structure file, not in the resource fork. On Windows, it's stored in the ".4DB" file, not in the ".RSR" file.

To avoid confusing other developers working on the database, do not use a screen shot of a structure window as the background picture for the structure.