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Tech Tip: Enabling and Disabling Menu Commands
Published On: October 6, 2006

Enabling and Disabling Menu Commands

You can specify whether a menu command will appear enabled or disabled. An enabled menu command can be chosen by the user; a disabled menu command is dimmed and cannot be chosen. Unless you specify otherwise, 4th Dimension automatically enables each menu command you add to a custom menu.

To enable or disable a menu command:
1. In Design mode, open the Tool Box.
2. Click the Menus button.
3. Select the menu bar.
4. Select the custom menu command you want to enable or disable.
5. To enable the menu command, select the Enabled Item check box. To disable the menu command, uncheck the Enabled Item check box.

When the Enabled Item check box is unchecked, the menu command appears dimmed in Custom Menus mode, indicating that it cannot be chosen.

Note: You can also enable or disable menu commands programmatically using the ENABLE MENU ITEM and the DISABLE MENU ITEM command.