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Tech Tip: Using the Execute without validating option
Published On: October 13, 2006
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Menu items have an option called Execute without validating. When this option is checked, 4th Dimension will not “validate” the field where the cursor is found before executing the associated action. This option is mainly used for Edit menu commands.

By default, 4th Dimension processes and “validates” the contents of a field before executing a standard action (via a menu command or shortcut), which generates an On Data Change form event. This can hinder the operation of copy/paste type commands since the On Data Change form event is generated unexpectedly when they are called. In this case, it is useful to check the Execute without validating option.

Here are instructions to view the option:
1. In Design mode, open the Menu Bar Editor.
2. Select a Menu bar
3. Select the Menu item
4. Enable/Disable the Execute without validating checkbox