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Tech Tip: Active menu bar
Published On: February 25, 2000

In 4D v6 and earlier, when you wanted to construct your interface so that your custom menu items still work when the user is viewing an input or output form, you needed to configure the form in the form editor by selecting the "Associate Menu Bar..." item from the Form menu, and entering the number of a non-existent menu bar as a negative number, for example -999.

If you convert an earlier database that uses this technique to v6.5, 4D provides compatibility so the menu bar still works as it did before, recognizing your previous associated menu bar setting, even though the new version's method of specifying an associated menu bar is different: you can no longer specify a non-existent menu bar or enter a negative number. But if you modify the associated menu bar setting of a converted database in v6.5, an earlier setting such as -999 which is invalid under the new entry system will no longer be recognized, and you will not be able to reset it back. You will then need to use the new style of specifying the associated menu bar.

To allow custom menu items to work when the user is viewing an input or output form in 4D v6.5, you need to first create a menu bar that contains no menus. Then open the form in the form editor. In the form's Property List, the "Associated Menu Bar" item has a drop-down list from which you can select any of your existing menu bars, or "". You should select the empty menu bar. Then make sure that the "Active menu bar" check box is checked.