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Tech Tip: Network Errors -10030, -10031 & -10033
Published On: March 3, 2000
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When data is sent over the network from one program to another, the data is sent in the form of packets of information. The function of sending and receiving the packets occurs at a low level, typically within the operating system and network. Most applications like 4th Dimension interact with the operating system to send and receive data and are not involved in the low level aspects of networking.

Problems can occur within a network which results in missing packets, or packets becoming corrupted. Most of the time, a network will compensate for these problems by resending the packets. If the problem persists and data is not being transferred over the network, 4D might tell you it is having a problem with the network with the following errors for Example:

  • -10030 Desynchronization has occurred during the write cycle.
  • -10031 Desynchronization has occurred during the read cycle.
  • -10033 Incorrect data size during the read cycle.

If you encounter these errors, there is a problem occuring at a low level on your network. To troubleshoot these types of problems, it is recommended that you focus on networking issues such as networking hardware including network cards, cables, software drivers, and printers.

For a complete list of errors that can be returned by a 4D network component, click here.