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Tech Tip: Invalid PICT files in 4D's Picture Library
Published On: March 17, 2000

When trying to import pictures into 4D's picture library, the picture being imported must be a valid PICT (.PCT) file. If it is not a valid PICT file, the picture may appear as 1 pixel x 1 pixel. If you change the file extension to a .PCT file, you may have the capability to view it with Adobe Photoshop, or another type of graphic application, but 4D will still not be able to display the picture correctly. In order to import a picture that is not a valid PICT file into the picture library, open it with any graphic application, select the entire picture, do a copy or a cut, then paste it into the picture library. Copying/Cutting the picture into 4D's picture library does not change the file type to a PICT, but allows you to place .BMP, .JPEG files into the library.

*NOTE: Import Picture is meant for PICT(.PCT) files. Other files types must must be copied/cut and pasted into 4D's Picture Library.