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Tech Tip: The Effect of Network usage on Performance
Published On: March 17, 2000

The following activities may generate significant network traffic that could be detrimental to your 4D network performance:


Printing large files transfers a great deal of data across the network and will cause significant network traffic during that period. For example, a graphic department using Adobe Illustrator and PageMaker to print complex graphic Images will cause significant network traffic.

File transfers

File transfers can cause lots of network traffic. Avoid trasferring large files over the network during critical periods of database usage.

Electronic Mail

E-mail is often a primary use of the network. For example, if you have 50 users and you send a message to everyone, and they send a message to everyone, it can result in a tremendous amount of network traffic. End users must be educated to use email properly.

If you're using email to transfer files, most email applications will allow you to set a maximum file size that you can transfer. Set this limit to a size that will limit this practice as much as possible.

Incorrectly terminated nodes and damaged wiring

The most serious issue regarding network performance is the physical well being of the network cabling and wiring itself. Interference from strong electrical or magnetic devices can disrupt unshielded cabling. An unterminated node or damaged wiring can bring a network to it's knees. This may cause packets to echo back and forth across the network.