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Tech Tip: Tech Tip:Assigning a Keyboard Equivalent
Published On: March 31, 2000

In 4th Dimension, it is possible to associate keystrokes to an object on a form. The user can then activate the button or select the check box using the keyboard instead of having to use the mouse. Editing the keystrokes that activate the object is easy. Just select an object, open the Associated Key dialog and define the keystroke combination.

Opening the Associated Key Dialog
If you are using the Object Property dialog, to open the Associated Key dialog, go to the 'Variable' tab, and select the "Keys..." button. If you are using the Properties List, go to the 'Shortcut' property under the "Objects" theme. Click on the "..." button to open the Associated Key dialog.

From here, you can set a key combination of your choice. If you want to use Ctrl + J as your key equivalent for the button, hold down the Control key and press J. The letter J will appear in the associated key box and the check box below the control key will be checked. It will look something like this:

You can also set the modifier keys manually, by selecting/deselecting any on the modifier check boxes desired.

For further information, please reference the Design Manual p. 290 of hardcopy or p. 380 of online documentation.