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Tech Tip: Corrupted Client Resources
Published On: April 7, 2000
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One of the features of 4D Client is that it downloads a copy of the structure file to the computer it is being executed on. Having the structure file located on the client computer makes 4D Client more efficient because 4D Client can load the resources such as forms, methods and menus from the local hard drive instead of transferring them over the network. One possible downside to this is that there is a small chance the resources (the structure file stored on the client computer) might get corrupted. The way you can tell the client resources are possibly corrupted is that a client application will act incorrectly while all the other clients accessing the same server will work fine. For example, a window may display incorrectly or the client might crash for one client and not for any other client.

Assuming that the client resources are corrupted, the solution is to remove the resources and let 4D Client re-download the resources. The steps are:

(1) Quit 4D Client If it is running.

2) Go to the folder/directory that has the resources. On the Macintosh, the path is something like:

Hard Drive:System Folder:Preferences:4D

On Windows the path is something like:


3) Delete all the resource files. The resource files will be the name of an extension plus an extension. If the database has the name "Inventory", the possible names of files are:


There will also be a folder/directory with the possible file names:


The names of the files depend on what version of 4D is being used.

4) Restart 4D Client. It will re-download the structure file and rebuild the resources.