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Tech Tip: If your merged application quits when it is launched
PRODUCT: 4D Engine | VERSION: 6.5 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: May 19, 2000

In version 6.5.x, if your merged application quits when it is launched, it may mean that the machine on which the compilation was performed did not have the license installed for 4D Engine.

To make sure which licenses are installed on that machine, open the LicenseLog.txt file located at the same level as your structure file. That file is created during the compilation. The contents of that file should show either "unlimited" or a number in the 32000 range on the same line as 4D Engine.

An example of the contents LicenseLog.txt file:

4D Engine: unlimited
4D Backup: unlimited
4D Backup Plugin: unlimited
4D Backup Res: unlimited
4D Mono:1
4D Runtime:1
4D Compiler:1
4D Insider:1
4D Draw:1
4D Calc:1
4D Write 6.5:1
4D External Kit:1
4D Open 4D:1