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Tech Tip: How can margins be resized in the Quick Report?
Published On: January 30, 2007

There are not any 4D commands that will allow you to resize the margins in a Quick Report. However, you can try setting the margins using the operating system’s Page Setup window.

You can try the following to adjust the left margin for a Quick Report with a Landscape orientation.

1. From the Quick Report File menu, choose Page Setup…
2. For Orientation, select the second Orientation option.
3. For Paper Size, select Manage Custom Sizes…
4. Set the Page Size Width to 8.5 inches.
5. Set the Page Size Height to 11 inches.
6. Set the Printer Margins to User defined.
7. Set the Top margin to 2 inches.
8. Set the Left, Right, and Bottom margins to 0.25 inches.
9. Select your customer paper size.
10. Try printing out your Quick Report.

The above example may be a bit confusing because when we are adjusting the "Top" margin we are actually setting the left margin since we chose Landscape orientation.

Note: Depending on which version of Mac OS you are using, the settings in the Page Setup… window may differ. In that case, please consult your operating system’s documentation since that configuration is beyond 4D.