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Tech Tip: Avoiding the 'New Archive Segment Request Dialog' in 4D Backup
Published On: June 2, 2000

4D Backup can be used as both a Plug-In and as a stand-alone application. As a Plug-In, it can be used with 4D Server to perform a scheduled backup or mirror operation. As a stand-alone application, 4D Backup can be used to set up a mirror of the database on another machine.

Both of these uses require a full backup of the database. However, if the data file grows past 2Gb (the maximum size for a data file segment) 4D Backup will need to create a new archive segment file and will display a dialog asking the user to select the directory where this file should be created. In the case of a scheduled backup 4D Backup will simply return an error.

To avoid this situation, you can create these additional segments in advance in your current 4D Backup project:

From the Preference dialog, in the 4D Backup window, you can define the size of each 4D Backup archive file to ~800Mb (instead of 2048) assuming your datafile is about 2Gb.

When you perform the backup, save the 3 segments on your disk and save the project.

Simply reconfigure your 4D Backup project (by redoing the backup, for example) and reset the default 2048 value in this Preferences dialog, and resave the project.

This can also be done on the Mirror machine to save the archives of a mirrored database.