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Tech Tip: Creating a picture button using the Picture Library
Published On: June 16, 2000

The following procedures will guide you step by step on how to create a
picture button using a picture from the Picture Library.

  1. In the Design mode, open up the Picture Library and browse through the pictures for the one that you want.
  2. Memorize the picture ID number or write it down on a piece of paper for reference.
  3. Open Explorer and select Forms tab.
  4. Double click on the form that you want to edit.
  5. On the menu bar, select Form, Display and Tools Palette.
  6. Select the Button object from the Tools Palette and put it onto the output form.
  7. On the menu bar, select Form, Display and Property List. Another way that will display the Property List is to double click on the Button object.
  8. In the Property List window, set the object type to Picture Button.
  9. Set the source of picture to Picture Library.
  10. Set the Name/ID to the number that we have from step #2.
  11. Select one of the Standard Actions to activate the Button or create a method for the button by selecting Edit.