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Tech Tip: Creating a Blinking Graphic
Published On: July 28, 2000
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To create a blinking graphic in a form, you can follow these easy steps:

1. Create a new picture inside Picture library.
2. Set the picture frame to 2 columns and 1 row
3. Create or paste your graphic into the second frame and leave the first frame blank.

Once you have created the array of picture (e.g. named "ABC" with reference number = 888), you may precede the following steps:

4. Create a picture button for ABC (named "PictureButton" or anything you like) and place it in the form.
5. Add the following code to your form method:

If (Form event=On Load)
 Set Timer(tickCount) `tickCount should be set according to blinking
End if
If (Form event=On Timer )
 If (PictureButton=0)
 End if
End if