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Tech Tip: Moving a 4D application to a new machine
Published On: March 14, 2007

When transferring a 4D application from one machine to another it is common to want to test on the new machine before completing the transfer. The problem is the 4D license agreement does not allow you to register the same 4D Product ID on more than one machine concurrently.

One option is to use the Evaluation or "Demo" mode. Nearly every 4D product can be used without a license in Evaluation mode (with limitations of course).

First download and install all 4D software needed to run the 4D application on the new machine. The software can be found at:

Once the software is downloaded and installed you can run your 4D application, and when the activation screen opens on the new machine, choose the "I would like to Evaluate 4th Dimension" option. This will work indefinitely, but there are limits to creating new records and methods, so it is important to only use this mode for testing on a new machine.

Once you are ready to register your products on the new machine you should first delete the licenses from the old machine. That information is stored in the 4D "Licenses" folder. This folder can be found either by going to the Help menu in 4th Dimension, choosing the Update License option, and then clicking the "Licenses Folder" button, or by following one of these example paths:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\4D\Licenses

Mac HD:Library:Application Support:4D:Licenses

Make sure that that folder is empty on the old machine (unless of course there is still 4D software that will be used on the old machine; be sure to delete the appropriate files).

Now you are ready to license the products on the new machine. Open your base 4D product (such as 4D Server or 4th Dimension) and choose the Activate option on the registration window. From there you can either follow the steps for online activation within the 4D product or offline activation and register via email with 4D.

After the base product has been registered use the Update Licenses... option from the Help menu to register each expansion product. Then your new machine should be ready to go, all licenses up to date and functional.