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Tech Tip: How to connect 4D Insider 2003 to 4D Server 2003 with a custom port
PRODUCT: 4D Insider | VERSION: 2003 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: March 14, 2007

In 4D Insider, when you choose File>Open>on 4D Server... from the menu to open a database only the databases running on the default port (19813) show in the window. To connect to a database server running on another port, click the small key icon in the upper right corner of the window:

This will open an extended pane. Here you can enter the database name, IP address, and port number. Enter the IP address followed by a comma and then the port number which is being used. For example:, 19815

Then click the new button and this will create a new database option for you to open with 4D Insider.