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Tech Tip: How to automatically display the cursor at the end of a text area
Published On: August 5, 2000

When using Text areas in input forms you may want a text area to automatically display the end of the area. By default, 4D would display the beginning of that area, which makes the entry more difficult if you want to add some more text in that area.

If you want the bottom of the text area to be displayed each time a text area has the focus:
1. Create an object method for the text area.
2. Enter the following code in that object method:

Copy and paste the following code example into your own 4D Project:

Case of
  :(form event=On Getting Focus)
  HIGHLIGHT TEXT (MyVar;32000;32000)
End case
3. In the Object Properties dialog or in the Property list, select the On getting focus event for that object.