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Tech Tip: Setting delimiters for Quick Report "Print to Disk File" on Windows
Published On: August 11, 2000

The Quick Report editor includes an option that lets you redirect the output of your Quick Report to a disk file. This lets you open your Quick Report in other applications, such as a spreadsheet.
To use this option, first choose "Disk File" from the Quick Report "Print Destination" hierarchical menu. Then choose "Print" from the File menu. A standard file-creation dialog lets you name your file and choose the folder where it will be created.
On Macintosh, this dialog also includes entry areas for you to specify the ASCII characters you would like used for the field and record delimiters. But on Windows, the dialog does not include these delimiter entry areas. (By default, the standard delimiters will be used: ASCII 9 for the field delimiter, and ASCII 13 for the record delimiter.) So how can you specify different delimiters?
You can do this by changing the values of the FldDelimit and RecDelimit system variables before running the report. Suppose you would like your field delimiter to be the ASCII character 10, and your record delimiter to be the ASCII character 11. Write a method with the following two lines of code:

Then call this method before you open up the Quick Report Editor. You could even expand on this technique by creating a method that displays a dialog that lets the user choose their own delimiter characters.