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Tech Tip: Installing 4D Client on a Windows Platform
Published On: August 18, 2000

Two options are available for installing a 4D Client on a Windows platform.  If the product CD is available then 4D Server can be installed as a demo which will also install the 4D Client application and 4D Network Components.  If the product CD is not available, 4D Client can be installed manually as follows. First, acquire the versions of 4D Client and 4D Network Components that match your server.  The most current versions can always be downloaded from the 4D website. Create a folder inside the active Windows directory named "ACI" if one does not already exist.  Create a new folder called "Network" inside the newly created ACI folder and copy the network component DLL's into this new folder ("C:\Windows\ACI\Network" or "C:\WinNT\ACI\Network").  The folder containing the 4D Client application can reside anywhere on your hard drive, with the default location being the Program Files directory.  Now a shortcut can be created for launching the client from the Desktop or the Start menu. If you rename the program to 4Dclient.exe before creating the shortcut, future upgrades can be renamed 4Dclient.exe (replacing the old client in the same location) and your shortcuts will not have to be recreated.

NOTE: On the Macintosh platform, Network Components are located inside of the 4D Client application as resources and therefore do not need to be installed separately.