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Tech Tip: 4D's Print Preview option with MacOS 7.6 and greater
Published On: January 1, 1998
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You may have trouble locating 4D's Print Preview option on a Macintosh if you upgrade to Mac OS 7.6 or higher, or if you install the LaserWriter 8 driver or higher. Apple added so many useful new print options that they couldn't fit them all in one window. To access the different print options, look for a pop-up menu in the print window labeled "General." In this menu, you will see that you can switch to a number of different sets of options, including one for 4D which shows you the print preview command. It is worth looking through these options, since there are a number of useful new capabilities in these LaserWriter drivers. Another Note: If you want to give your program more control of these options, take a look at some of the commands in the latest version of 4D Pack.