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Tech Tip: Save Money with a new feature of 4D V6 Server
Published On: February 1, 1998

4D V6's password system lets you control which users have access to plug-ins. This can often help you economize on licenses for those plug-ins. For example, if only five users of your database out of fifty need to use 4D Write, with proper setup of Users and Groups, you only need to buy five 4D Write licenses. To control access to a plug-in, open the Passwords window, and choose "Plug-ins access·" from the Passwords menu. This will open a window which shows a list of plug-ins with a popup menu of groups at the bottom. Simply click on a plug-in, choose a group from the menu and click on the OK button. After that, only members of the group you chose will be able to use that plug-in, and only members of that group will count against the number of licenses you have for the plug-in. For even more flexibility, your program can use the 4D Passwords and Groups commands to move users in and out of a plug-in group, even while the users are logged in.